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About Dirty Details

We are Hampton Roads only premiere auto detailer shop, offering high-end detailing for Exotic and Luxury vehicles giving your car the cleanest, meanest look possible. Dirty Details is the only authorized installer of CQuartz products in the Hampton Roads area.
We thoroughly correct the paint then add heavy long term protection(CQuartz Professional). Once a vehicle has been meticulously washed and either clay barred or surface prepped the correction process begins. Using many different machines and heavy abrasive compounds we “cut” the paint removing a very small amount of clear coat to level down heavier swirls and RIDS (Random Intermittent Deep Scratches) achieving 80-90% scratch removal. Paint correction is highly recommend to achieve that show car quality, $75/hr.

"BEST in the Business"

Our Services

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$75/hr The safe removal of manufacturer imperfections, dealership/self induced scratches and swirls from improper contact.


$400+ Wheels Removed thoroughly cleaned with PH nuetral acidic free specific cleaners. Aluminum/Painted Wheels Machine Polished to Remove Imperfections and Create Amazing Gloss. Wheels/Calipers Coated and Baked with Infra Red to Ensure they are Properly Cured.


$175+ Thorough Exterior All Surface Decontamination to monitor Surface Tension and Paints Condition. Coating Specific Toppers applied to Rejuvenate and Refresh the Ceramic Protection on the Surface (Paint,Glass,Plastics).


$950+ The Brake Calipers are Correctly Removed, Disassembled and Painted to Clients Desired Color Choice. Calipers are then Re-Installed and Bled to Ensure Proper Working Order.


$100+ Engine Compartment Completely Steamed and Dressed.

CQUARTZ Professional

$1400+ CQuartz Professional is a protective ceramic nano paint coating that gives the surface the ability to resist the elements and protect that glossy finish while showing off amazing hydrophobic properties.